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About Beleza, Inc.
Tom Anderson started out as BTB+StoneFABRICATION, a sole proprietorship, that began in late 2001 by offering basic tile bullnosing services in the Gunnison Valley area of Colorado. This followed the closing of a fabrication shop in Crested Butte in which we began working with stone.

In May of 2002 BTB+StoneFABRICATION was formally licensed as such by the state of Colorado. During this year we established a business relationship as an independent contractor, working with an established and respected local business, providing granite and marble counter top fabrication services as well as continuing and improving our tile bullnosing services. This working relationship connected us with some great contractors and designers. We also began working with a prominent local design service, furniture, and appliance supplier as well as with a variety of other terrific independent contractors around the area, like cabinet makers and tile setters.

In 2003 BTB+StoneFABRICATION incorporated in Colorado under the name COSOTI, LLC. We continued offering tile bullnosing services, custom granite and marble counter tops, and began offering SILESTONEĀ® counter and vanity tops. We improved upon our services with better equipment and new knowledge. Our counter top business tripled from the year before.

In January 2004 COSOTI, LLC signed a two year lease for a much-needed 2300 square foot shop. We began building and purchasing the combination of tools and equipment we needed to make the transition from a neophyte shop to a fully functional production shop. Our initial web site was launched in March 2004. 2004 was a year of experimentation with how to best run our business for the benefit of our customers as well as for our own well being.

By January 2005 COSOTI, LLC had developed a business strategy that makes it possible for a small shop to supply up to eight high quality counter top jobs per month, on time and at very reasonable prices. It's a structure that allows great flexibility in making choices about how to complete each job yet provides on-time service and high quality. There are four successful local design shops that we now work with on a regular basis to provide their custom counter tops. In addition there are a growing number of general contractors who call on us regularly to provide counter tops for both their custom and speck homes.

2006 has been a year of tremendous growth in services for COSOTI, LLC. Our business grew 62% over last year. The building boom in the Gunnison Valley has benefited everyone involved in the construction trades. We are no exception. The business strategy we adopted last year has proven itself to be effective in keeping up with the demand while providing good service for your customers. We now work with more designers as well as more contractors. We expect the trend to continue.

2007 in the first two months has produced more income than in the first four months last year. We see no slowing down. We look forward to smoothly transitioning all business activities and relationships to new owners of COSOTI, LLC so that all of our present customers continue to receive the good service they deserve.

July of 2007 Tom & Sherri Anderson bought COSOTI, LLC. On October 1, 2007 Tom assumed complete management responsibilities under the business name of Beleza, Inc.

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Gunnison Colorado

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