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Countertop Stone Care
It's easy when you know how and you have the right products.

Natural stone needs to be treated with a sealer when it's installed. This prevents it from absorbing water and oil based liquids. This reduces the risk of staining from the most common culprits.

There are different types of sealers. In general with most sealers, a counter top that is used and cleaned fairly frequently will need to be re-sealed more often than one that is used and cleaned less frequently. How often varies with the specific stone, the type of use, and the specific sealer. With most good sealers, once a year is adequate in most situations where there is daily use,

There is only one sealer that we know of that offers a fifteen year warranty when applied by a certified applicator, which we are. When you make the investment in a natural stone counter top it makes sense to spend a little extra to protect it. For this reason we recommend this unique and effective product. Dry-Treat Products. However, we can and we will use our regular high-quality sealer to help protect your counter top at no extra charge.

Some stones like marble, limestone and travertine contain calcium carbonate which can react with acids, like vinegar, tomato juice, citrus-based drinks and cleaners, and other things. No sealer on the market can prevent this. This is another good reason to use granite in your kitchen, where most of these things are found. It doesn't contain calcium carbonate.

Even if you do use stones that contain calcium carbonate, there is rarely a problem with staining if you use a good sealer and clean the counter top immediately when something is spilled on it. To clean your counter tops use a mild detergent and water, or a cleaner specially formulated for cleaning stone. Do not use harsh chemicals.

GRANITE IS SAFE. You will be pleased to know that a test done recently on the a variety of counter top materials for their natural anti-microbial properties rated granite among the highest, next to stainless steel, and superior to man-made materials. There is an anti-microbial sealer, if you're concerned about this sort of thing. Perhaps we could use a combination of sealers. We'd be happy to check it out if that's something you need or want.

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