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Edge Profiles

There are so many.

Your designer or architect can help you make choices that work well and that you really like.

The illustrations below show most, but not all, of the available edge profiles. Click on image to enlarge.

Edge Profiles 1-11 Edge Profiles 12-22
Edge Profiles 23-33 Edge Profiles 34-41

There is no "right" choice or even a "rule of thumb" as to which edge profile should be used in what kind of a situation. Someone who has seen many different counter tops and who has discussed their strong and weak points can be invaluable in making the right choice. Talk with a knowledgeable designer or architect.

The simple profiles are the least expensive. Many of these are also the most classic and the most popular. These are #2 flat with top & bottom edges eased, #7 flat with top edge radius "waterfall", #8 flat with top edge bevel, #12 bull nose, #23 flat with top and bottom radius, #41 flat with top edge long shallow bevel.

One of the most popular and most expensive edges is #21 chiseled. Some others are #18 ogee bull nose, #20 dupont, and #22 ogee.

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