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Useful Downloads

These are "must read" documents

Estimate Preparation Form
We need this information in order prepare your estimate.

BELEZA, Inc. Work Agreements
No surprises. This will tell you what to expect and what not to expect of us.

Job Checklist
This check list can help make the counter tops portion of your job go smoothly from start to finish.

Stone Selection Waiver
When you cannot or will not select the specific stone you want for your counter tops from a warehouse or quarry, we require a notarized waiver of responsibility.

These are helpful in planning

Eight Cost Factors
Save money and still have a great looking job.

Dry-Treat Products Information
This is the company that will give you a 15-year warranty against stains from oils, salts, and water. Once this product is applied we will register you online.

This we would appreciate when the job is done

Satisfaction Survey
We want you to be satisfied. Tell us what we did right and what we can improve upon.
Print out this form. Fill it out. It's quick and easy. Fax it back to us.


Any articles reprinted here about a specific product, service, business, or organization is not necessarily an endorsement for the product, service, business, or organization. We just want you to know what's available.

Granites Are Like Ice Cream
This article uses the comparison of ingredients in ice cream to describe the composition of granite.

Microban Stone Sealer
A recent development in technology results in sealer for stone that makes natural stone counter tops competitive with engineered stone in their anti-microbial properties.

Report On Stone Usage Compared To Tile
More square feet of tile is being used than square feet of stone, but the dollar value goes the other way.

Waterless Epoxy For Sensitive Marble
Sometimes a good piece of technical information is short, sweet, and in the form of a cartoon.


Tile Bullnosing Fees
This tells you how much we charge for tile bullnosing as well provides information about our discounts.

Tile Order Form
Fill out this form for each tile bullnosing order. Make a copy for yourself. Bring a copy with your order. This tells us exactly what you want.

Tile Cumulative Record
Any time you have us do tile bullnosing you can complete this form, the first time is the best for you. We keep a cumulative record of your bullnosing jobs so that you are eligible for our cumulative discounts.


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